Stop in at the Gathering's Front Porch Cafe......

And enjoy a smooth "frappelicious" Icy Caramel Frappe! This is too amazing to describe in words. Also, for the month of September, we are featuring the "Back To School Buzz" Latte. This as a chocoholic's dream with chocolate caramel and coffee all swirled into a smooth creamy latte.

New at the Front Porch Sweet Shop and Cafe.............

Bread Boules baked fresh everyday. You will simply not be able to resist coming back for more of these savory delights. We are going to be offering Cream of Potato and Bacon and Cream of Broccoli Cheese. Coming soon we hope to offer Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice. Come in and try a Bread Boule priced just right at $5.00 and receive a complimentary gourmet coffee or latte. Now that is a deal you can't pass up.

Rewards For Good Grades at the Front Porch Cafe!

That's RIGHT!!! You have studied hard and your grades show it. Bring in your current report card in the Front Porch Cate & Sweet Shop located right next to The Gathering and treat yourself to a treat!

All A's are good for a FREE gourmet drink. Get $1.00 off a gourmet drink with an A. Get .50 off a gourmet drink with a B

Limit of 3 drinks per report card.
One offer each day please

Stop by the Gathering's Sweet Shop and Cafe......

To savor the many flavors of the season!
Featured left: Our Delectible Rasperry dessert, drizzled with hot chocolate sauce. A must try for those who are fans of fruits dipped in chocolate!

Featured below, our Sweet, spicy apple rasin cake with smooth caramel sauce drizzle. Sit down to try this perfect compliment to our Pumpkin Spice Latte!

The Front Porch Sweet Shop and Cafe October Features................

Who can resist this? Our Drink of the month is Pumpkin Pie Latte. Smooth flavors of rich coffee blended with pumpkin spice and cream make this drink a tasty way to warm you up on those cold autumn days.

Wrap your taste buds around our smoothie of the month; Halloween Orange Guava and Boooooo-Berry. Mention that you saw this feature here on the web and receive .50 off your drink.

The Front Porch offers a variety of delicious deserts to satisfy your sweet tooth

Ever since the dawn of time, mankind has striven to create the perfect cheesecake, now the search is over!! At The Front Porch, the perfect cheesecake is your choice...raspberry swirl, apple strudel, peach cobbler, or orio-cookie just to name a few. A slice of heaven awaits, and tastes great with a gourmet drink!

Brownies big enough to share...but tasty enough that you can't! Our creamy, cake-like, brownies are favorites of many and we are currently showcasing the Caramel Turtle Fudge and the Peanut Butter topped brownies.